Maybe it's the natural beauty. Maybe it's the endless sunshine. Or maybe it’s just something in the Brazilian soul. We like to think of it as living without compromise—viver numa boa. That’s what's inside every pint of Biagi Gelato. Classic Italian recipes adapted to the Brazilian weather, giving you gelato with less fat and fewer calories than traditional frozen desserts. Without sacrificing flavor. We make our gelato with that balance in mind, so that you can have it all, the Brazilian way.

why Brazilian Gelato?

I grew up in the Brazilian countryside, where I learned to adapt my family’s traditional Italian gelato recipes to the warmer Brazilian climate. I learned, too, that fresh and organic ingredients are not only healthier and better for the environment, but tastier, too. For me, it’s always been about finding balance. Wanting to unite the spirit of living without compromise with classic technique, I spent nearly a decade training with master gelatieri in Europe, perfecting my Brazilian gelato. I’ve crafted each and every one of my recipes so that great flavor doesn’t sacrifice feeling great. I believe that real and fresh food will never let you or your body down. That’s why I opened my Nolita shop in 2013, and why I want to share my gelato with you: so that dessert never has to be empty calories again.